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We are WM Production. We help you create a professional looking video for your business purposes.
Experts in:
We know how to demonstrate energy of the audience and speakers in the video format.
Brand Videos
We create unique commercials which will help your brand build more awareness and potentially increase sales.
Online Courses
We are experts in creating online course. We know exactly how the course should be filmed.
Motion Graphics
We can create a unique graphics videos to demonstrate the features of your service or simply animating your logo.
Event Videos
10 videos in 5 days. More than 100 participants. More than 500 GB of footage. "Ship for World Youth" is an international program started by the Government of Japan in 1988. The goal of the program is to give young leaders of the world an opportunity to share experience and strengthen friendship. There are more than 7000 alumni of the program from 66 countries. This year their Global Assembly for the first time took place in Russia. On Aug.31 - Sep.4 participants from 20 countries gathered in Russia.
300+ guests attended "Next: London". This gathering of entrepreneurs and innovative thinkers was organized by the leading global freelancing platform Ā«FiverrĀ». A motivating keynote speech was given there by Steven Bartlett, an expert in building business with social media. We filmed the whole event non-stop from four cameras and produced two videos about it. Hours of footage were reviewed to make this short trailer.
Can restaurants fly? In 2006 in Belgium the project "Dinner in the Sky" was created. It allows guests to have a luxury culinary experience while dining 50 meters above ground and gazing at notable landmarks. During the last 13 years there have been more than 10 thousand launches of this project worldwide. On September 18, 2019 the first ever in Russia launch of the "Dinner in the Sky" project took place in Saint-Petersburg. To celebrate that an automobile rally was organized by the official city BMW distributer "Avtodom". We filmed all four days of the project. Above you can see the video that our team made about the first one.
We hosted 3 events in 3 different cities in Germany. The goal was to educate people on the Instagram Marketing topic and connect like minded people together
Brand Videos
We created a commercial clip for Unicorn Electrics company. This is their first installation in one of the most prestigious hotels in the world. It's located in Tuscany, Italy. The goal was to demonstrate the installation and showcase how the bikes could be used by hotel guests.
This is an example of a project where we entirely shoot and edit the video. This commercial was done to demonstrate the companies three values (Safety, Quality, and Compliance) WNOG LOGISTICS is one of the leaders in oil & gas transport in Russia. They work with the several US and European companies to transport and deliver oil & gas equipment to Russia.
Unicorn Electrics is the leading provider of bespoke mobility solutions for the private sector. We have created a commercial video which involved production (filming), editing and designing graphics.
Behind each product there is a story. In the promotional video for the company "Yanyshev Tea" we wanted to show how a sip of flavorous tea can return you to childhood. Do you also want to create more than just a commercial for your company? If yes, let us help you with that!
Don't talk about who you are. Show it! You don't need an acting talent to create an image that you feel represents you. The limitless possibilities of video-editing allow your story to be told in an emotionally captivating way. An example of that can be seen in the fragment of the latest blog of @vasily17 about Instagram-marketing.
Each tourist route contains an element of adventure! In sunny Valencia we filmed a video about the key moments of the @ebikevalencia tour. Using simple animated graphics we also demonstrated a version of the route on a city map. Do you have any adventure that you want to document? Let us know and we will be glad to assist you with that!
Online Courses
We created over 40 instructional videos for the PTR and Italian Tennis Federation to showcase training with mix of different technical and physical exercises.
We created the concept and filmed online courses for one of the education cryptocurrency platforms. In this courses we also implemented the use of graphics to make them stand out more.
Motion Graphics
Our collection of animated logos that we have created for various brands and businesses.
We have created a graphics animation video which explains how the service works. These kind of videos are great if you need to showcase how your service or platform works for the users.
Nothing explains the benefits of a new platform better than a graphics animation video. Such a video we created for the Instagram growth service "Masslooking".
Numbers and facts are important to share when promoting your event. How to make their presentation more dynamic? Add graphic animation! For a short video about the international project "Dinner in the Sky" we added unique graphics that emphasized the high quality and overall festive atmosphere of the event.
Vasily Kichigin
CEO / Marketer
Started primarily in the marketing niche and was able to help over 10,000 clients grow their business on social media with video marketing and customer experience approach
Alexander Gorelov
Video Director
Over 10 years of experience creating cinematic videos and produce outstanding video and audio editing

Nikolay Kormiltsyn
Over 5 years of experience working in the video industry. Specialised in shooting action and documentary videos
Darya Tcherkassova
Creative Manager
Over 3 years of experience and structuring projects and bringing new fresh ideas on the table to create outstanding video for the customer
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