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Overview of the page
The page was created back in 2013 with a purpose to spread the love and passion about the Marbella city.

We started the page from 0 and the first big milestone for us was achieving the 15k followers where people started to actively use hashtag #marbellaforlife

Increase Brand Awareness
Content Strategy and Posting
Build Loyal Audience
Get To 50k Followers
Developed Content Strategy
We pursued the strategy to demonstrate the beautiful places of Marbella and the lifestyle of people who live here or visit for holidays :)
City & Lifestyle
We created a hashtag #marbellaforlife and now we almost have over 20k photos that were posted under it. People are using it in to get the chance to be featured on the page.
Account Growth
We started at the very beginning and grew account to 54.9k and continue to work with this account :)
Growth & Engagement
When we initially started, the profile was getting on average 20 - 40 likes. Now these number consistently between 1000 - 3000.
Content Strategy & Posting
We came up with a content strategy which resulted more engagement and follower growth. People are also very engaged to use our hashtag #marbellaforlife. We are daily posting on the account as well :)
50k Club
We were able to gain over 50,000 followers. It took us several months with some breaks in between :)