Video Production &
IG Marketing Agency
Video Production
We would develop the video at the new level
We would shoot any type of video for you on several cameras.
Animation 2D
We can create 2D animations, based on the project :)
We would do advanced editing to make sure the end result look perfect.
Create any type of Vlog for you :)
Instagram Marketing
Our goal is to bring your Instagram account into the next level
Increase Audience & Engagement
We are going to be creating new connections through following other people and liking their content.
Increase Leads
We would get you more leads through sending personal messages to your new audience.
Content Management
We would schedule the content for you and post it at the most engaging time.
Influencer Marketing
We would research and find the best influencers that suits your business or product.
#Hashtags Research
We would do in depth analysis on which hashtags would be best for your niche or business.
Coaching Sessions
If you are stuck or don't know how to move ahead, I will be happy to personally coach you and develop a winning path for you.
About us
We are Video Production and Social Media Marketing Agency. We help you create a professional looking video for your business purposes. We are also experts in growing your business and reputation on Social Media where we run ads, grow targeted audience and manage your content.
Video & Animation Portfolio
Our work with filming, editing and creating animation.

We have produced 2 Blogs for Ashley. The first one was the overview of her business journey, where she showed the viewers her normal daily routine and in the second blog, she successfully launched her book and became Amazon Best Seller.

Unicorn Electrics is the leading provider of bespoke mobility solutions for the private sector. We have created a commercial video which involved production (filming), editing and designing graphics.

WNOG is the logistics company providing leading supply chain services. We have done the production of the presentation video which was used by WNOG in advertising purposes.

StreamDesk is the first ever decentralized platform for exchanging crуptоcurrеncy for any currency, which allows users to trade without intermediaries, guarantees fair deals and security thanks to the architecture of smart-contracts and API of payment systems.
Fiverr Events in Germany

I hosted 3 seminars on which I was doing workshop on how people can use Instagram to increase their social media presence and potentially get leads and sales from this channel.
MarbellaForLife Clip

We have created an intro for the MarbellaForLife Instagram Page.
MarbellaForLife Clip #2

We have created an intro for the MarbellaForLife Instagram Page.
Instagram Stories Ads #1

We have created Instagram Sory Ads to get more lead generation for one of our projects.
Nomad Logo Animation

We took an existing logo and created a custom animation with special effects and music.
Vasily Kichigin
CEO & Digital Marketer
Dmitry Klimovitskiy
Sales & SMM Marketer
Konstantin Lashko
SMM Marketer
Alexander Gorelov
Video Director
Nikolay Kormiltsyn
Valeria Sonkina
Content Marketer
Viktoria Chichikina
Alina Kazantseva
Content Marketer
Nina Caalim
SMM Manager & Content Coordinator
Kristy Caalim
SMM Manager & Content Coordinator
Jenina Forbes
Content Coordinator
Cyrile Delgado
Content Coordinator
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